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Special Field Report: IOF Attacks Violate International Law: 61 Killed and Injured in Three Days of Attacks in Gaza

09-04-2011 00:00

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) continued escalated its attacks on the Gaza Strip.
Between the evening of Thursday 7 April 2011 and evening of Saturday 9 April 2011, the IOF killed 19 Palestinians, including two children, two women and two elderly persons.
It also injured 44 persons, including 13 children, one woman, and two paramedics.
  This escalation represents a continuation of a volatile situation in Gaza since the start of 2011.
According to Al Mezan’s documentation, 48 Palestinians (including 7 children) have been killed by IOF since the start of 2011.
Another 153 people were injured; including at least 40 children and two paramedics.

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