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Monthly Field Report on Israeli Violations of Human Rights in the Gaza Strip, Reporting Period: 1-28 February 2011


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) continued to commit violations of international human rights law (IHRL) and international humanitarian law (IHL) against the population of the Gaza Strip in November 2010.
This report, which is laid out chronologically, details Israeli violations carried out in February 2011.
These violations were monitored and documented by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights.
The report demonstrates the lethal and excessive use of force against Palestinians.
The IOF continuous attacks and deliberate killing of Palestinians come in the context of imposing restrictions on the movement of the population in the Gaza Strip, particularly farmers who work in their fields near the borders.
During the reporting period, the IOF killed three unarmed persons who did not present any threat to the IOF.
The report also details the ongoing Israeli attacks against Palestinian fishermen.
It is important to note that these attacks are taking place in the context of the siege on the Gaza Strip, which deprives Palestinian residents of Gaza from, inter alia, their right to work.
The IOF prevents Palestinian fishermen from working, even when they are within the Israeli-imposed ‘fishing zone’ of three nautical miles from shore.
This ‘zone’ was ‘declared’ by the IOF in March 2009.
 During this reporting period the IOF attacked fishermen on several occasions, thereby preventing them from concluding their fishing trips.
The IOF also opened fire on Palestinian fishermen and chased them to the shore with inflatable rubber boats.

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