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Police Break into Reuters Office in Gaza

19-03-2011 00:00

At approximately 12:10pm on Saturday, 19th March 2011, police stopped and assaulted the Associated Press (AP) photographer Khalid Al Ashqar while he was driving his car near the Unknown Soldier Square.
One of the Reuters office staff had  taken footage of Al Ashqar being beaten and published it.
At approximately 1:40pm on the same day, members of police and security forces arrived at the Reuters office which is located near the Unknown Soldier Square.
The police beat office staff.
The force also destroyed some equipment in the office and confiscated a camera, which was later returned l  .
To express their condemnation of these attacks on journalists, dozens of journalists from  various news agencies organized a sit-in at the entrance of the Al Shourouq Tower, in the  Al-Rimal neighborhood of Gaza City.
 They then moved to another place opposite the Reuters office

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