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Press Statement: Younis: Posting Photos on Facebook of an Israeli Woman Soldier Posing near Palestinian detainees Unethical Degradation

17-08-2010 00:00

Issam Younis, the director of Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights, condemns the posting of photos by an Israeli woman soldier, which have been widely published on the internet.
One of the pictures shows the soldier posing and smiling next to handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinian detainees.
Another photo shows her sitting with her face upturned towards a detainee.
The photos were posted along with sarcastic, degrading comments.
Younis asserted that these photos supported the fact that there a culture of degrading and humiliating Palestinian civilians among the members of the Israeli occupation forces (IOF).
He pointed to the happy look on the soldier's face, which indicates rooted dehumanization of Palestinians within the IOF.
In addition to this kind of photos, T-shirt slogans and expressions, the Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip implies rude dehumanization, where a society determines what another society is supposed to need to live on a brink of crisis; or, in other words, puts another society on a diet.
This attitude is also clear with regard to the treatment of Palestinians at checkpoints in the West Bank.
Younis urged the international community to provide protection for Palestinian civilians in the occupied Palestinian territory.

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