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Al Mezan Delivers a Training Course Entitle 'International Humanitarian Law, Litigation Procedures and Prosecuting War Crimes'

06-07-2010 00:00

On Monday 5 July 2010, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights in  cooperation with the Palestinian Bar Association delivered a training course entitled' International Humanitarian Law (IHL), Litigation Procedures and Prosecuting War Crimes'.
Shirin Al Shobaki, Coordinator of the Training and Mass Communication Unit at Al Mezan and the course supervisor, opened the course and welcomed the 24 participants.
On behalf of Al Mezan's director, Mr.
Sami Zaqut, Coordinator of the Field Work Unit at Al Mezan, welcomed the participants and thanked the Palestinian Bar Association for its continuous cooperation.
Zaqut asserted  the exceptional importance of the course, which develops the knowledge of the lawyers of IHL and the mechanisms for  documenting war crimes.
Zaqut said that the course is  very important and of value as it comes in the context of confronting Israeli war crimes.
Salama Biseso, the vice president of the Palestinian Bar Association, welcomed the participants and thanked them for their commitment to the course.
Biseso also thanked Al Mezan and its Director for their continuous efforts to support  lawyers, particularly newly graduated students.
Biseso talked about the importance of increasing the awareness of IHL.
He talked about the role of the Bar Association after the last Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.
He mentioned the efforts of associations and organizations which helped the international investigation committees, particularly the Goldstone mission which succeeded in disclosing  Israeli war crimes.
Biseso asserted that the training is to be considered part of the lawyers' training, which they must have in the course of their training to obtain a practice license.
Shobaki thanked Mr.
Besiso for the continuous cooperation and hoped that it would continue in the future through more training courses.
Shobaki presented the purposes and aims of the course.
    The course comprises 24 hours to be delivered over four days and will introduce the participants to: the historical and legal framework of IHL and international human rights law (IHRL); the content of IHL and IHRL; protected groups under international law; the application of international law; enforcement mechanisms; the responsibility of an occupying power towards the population of an occupied territory; and the legal status of the occupied Palestinian territory (OPT).
  The course will also introduce the participants to international criminal law, mechanisms for prosecuting war crimes, in addition to monitoring and documentation mechanisms and preparing war crime files.
  A team of Al Mezan trainers and experts from Palestinian universities and lawyers will deliver the training.

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