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Israeli Gunboats Open Fire at Fishermen North Gaza District   ||  Child Dies from Wounds he sustained in Protective Edge   ||  Israeli Gunboats Open Fire at Fishermen in Rafah   ||  IOF Arrests Two Men East of Rafah   ||  Israeli Gunboats Open Fire at Fishermen in As-Sudaniya Area in North of Gaza   ||  Woman Commits Suicide on Social Background in Beit Hanoun   ||  Israeli Gunboats Attack and Burn Two Fishing Boats   ||  Palestinian Dies Due to Mishandling of Weapon in Gaza City   ||  Armed Men kills Boy in Gaza City   ||  Unknown Persons Open Fire near the House of Fatah Leader in Gaza City   ||  
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مركز الميزان لحقوق الانسان .. مركز الإعلام

Palestinian Man Sets Himself on Fire at Ministry of Social Affairs in North Gaza District

On the International Day for Eradication of Poverty, Al Mezan Calls on International Community calls for Eradicating Poverty Causes in oPt

Palestinian Man Commits Suicide by Setting Himself on Fire West of Gaza City

EMHERN: Members of the European Parliament Approve Major EU-Israel Trade Agreement:
Will Impunity Ever End?

Adalah to Bank of Israel: Stopping the Transfer of National Insurance Disability Payments to over 5,000 Palestinians in Gaza is a Violation of their Right to Property

Al Mezan issues a report on the suspension of Gaza's Custom Code

Al Mezan organizes a workshop on seizure and transgression on governmental properties in the southern Gaza Strip

Israel Denies Obligation to Allow Commercial Passage Through Karni Crossing, High Court to Hear Petition Tomorrow

Al Mezan and Al-Haq call on EU countries to consider the implications of withdrawing funding to the PNA

Al Mezan Calls Upon the International Community to immediately intervene and lift the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.

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