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Israeli Gunboats Open Fire at a Fishing Boat; Five Fishermen were Injured   ||  IOF Arrests a Palestinian Man in Erez Crossing   ||  Israeli Occupation Forces Arrests Two Palestinians East of Jabaliya   ||  Explosion of an Israeli Army Remnant Bomb; Two Persons were Injured East of Jabaliya   ||  IOF Injures a Palestinian Man North of Beit Lahiya   ||  Death of a Person who Sustained Injuries during the Israeli Aggression in the Gaza Strip   ||  Explosion of an Israeli Army Remnant Bomb; One Person Injured in Beit Lahiya   ||  IOF Injures a Child North of the Bedouin Village   ||  IOF Injures a Palestinian North Bouret Abu Samra in Beit Lahiya   ||  IOF Arrests Five Fishermen and Confiscates a Fishing Boat West of Gaza Coast   ||  
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  Press Releases  

Al Mezan Center for Human rights Condemns Israeli Escalation against Palestinian Fishermen and Calls for Prompt Intervention to End the Blockade on Gaza

Human Rights Organizations Start a Unified Campaign to Document War Crimes and Call on All Relevant Parties to Collaborate to Facilitate their Work

Al Mezan Condemns the Israeli Increasing Indictments of Gazans as 'Unlawful Combatants'; Calls International Community to Intervene

Al Mezan Calls for Accountability for War Crimes and an End to Israel's Occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory
Death Toll Rises to 2,168: 521 Children and 297 Women Since 7 July 2014

IOF Unlawful Attacks on High-Rise Buildings and Civilian Objects Continue
Al Mezan: 2,153 Killed; 518 Children and 295 Women since 7 July



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  Al-Mezan Publications  
Complaint submitted to the United Nations concerning large-scale destruction and damage to family houses in the Gaza Strip with associated profound loss of life and injury to Palestinian residents, during Israel's military operation between 7 July 2014 and 26 August 2014 30-9-2014
Open Letter
Special Session of the Human Rights Council on the Gaza Strip: Establish an Independent Commission of Inquiry into Violations of International Law Committed During Israeli Operation Protective Edge and Ensuring Accountability
Gaza Diaries11: Why on Earth Were We Attacked?
Al Qassas Family and IDP Relatives Lose 7 Children and 3 Women in an IOF Attack on Home
Human Rights Council Special Session on Palestine: the EU must not repeat past mistakes regarding Israeli military attacks against the Gaza Strip 22-7-2014
Gaza Diaries 10: Survived Sheja'ya and Killed in Rimal; Two Families of IDPs Hit, The Attack Kills 11, including 7 Children 22-7-2014


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  International Reports  

EMHRN:: Israel-OPT: A New Cycle of Violence whose Targets are Civilians


Press briefing notes on Israel / occupied Palestinian territory


Israel: Force-feed to Stifle Resistance, the EU must Take Action!





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  Al-Mezan News  

Al Mezan Organizes Workshop on the Civil Society and Reconciliation: Expectations and Hopes 23-6-2014

Al Mezan Organizes Training Course on Women and Children in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law 22-6-2014

Al Mezan Monthly Report: Continuous Israeli Violations against Palestinians in May with Nine People Injured 15-6-2014



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